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Ambient Media become distributors for Ifootage in Spain

Ifootage is a brand of beautifully designed, high-quality photo and film accessories, winner of multiple Red Dot international awards over recent years, including 2017. The range includes tripods, monopods in aluminium and carbon fibre, cabeza fluid, sliders, mini-cranes and other movement control devices.

The products are beautifully finished and incorporate useful features for certain types of photography such as time-lapse or hyper-lapse. For example, the Cobra monopod has an incorporated ruler so that it can be mounted at exactly the same height in different locations. A level allows the monopod to be positioned exactly vertically and a scale on the fluid head permits precise horizontal adjustment of the camera. One monopod can also be added to another to offer even more height.

Ifootage have a patented quick-release design which allows you to attach or release a camera with one hand. The monopod has a 0-90º tilt range and the feet can also be set at three different positions: 20, 50 and 78º. If you want a table-top mini-pod, all you have to do is detach the base section with one hand. All monopods come with a travel bag.


New Fibre-optic HDMI cables-D 4K@60

New fibre-optic cables with micro HDMI (HDMI-D) at both ends. These small connectors allow you to run a cable up to 100m in length through a narrow conduit. Normal-sized adapters can be plugged into the terminations after installation.

The interesting thing about these cables is that they can be installed in places where a cable with normal-sized terminations could not be installed, and also that the adapters are swappable: you could have, for example, HDMI-A at one end and DVI-D at the other.

Available in lengths of 25, 50 or 100m. Custom lengths available on demand.